Promoting Civil Discourse – Video Highlights

How can we work together to solve community problems as our society becomes increasingly polarized? This 19-minute video has highlights from a League of Women Voters panel discussion about the problems of finding common ground and how to overcome them. This is one of several Highlights videos from our recorded programs on important community issues. Click below to view this and look for others on our LWVPDX YouTube channel. See more about our current work.


Improving Gun Safety – Video Highlights

Gun violence is a tragedy in our country. How can we make our homes, schools and communities safer?  In March 2017, the Portland League presented a panel discussion about gun safety. Click below for highlights of what the speakers said about preventing gun deaths in Oregon and constitutional gun safety laws we can adopt. Improving gun safety is a priority for us. See more about our current work.

Voices of the Houseless – Video

Watch the LWV of Portland panel discussion with four speakers who have experienced homelessness. The panel members talk about what it was like to be without shelter, how they found solutions for themselves, and what they think can be done to help others who are homeless.

The speakers are Damian Blakley, an artist, photographer and advocate for the homeless; Melissa Castor, a resident of Hazelnut Grove tent community, which is now building tiny homes for residents; DeWanna Harris, a manager at Transition Projects, which provides services to help people end their homelessness; and Lisa Larson, a resident of Dignity Village, an intentional community for the homeless providing shelter and safety for up to sixty people every night. Click below to watch the video. More LWV News