Register to vote

Voter Registration

Voter Registration Deadlines are three weeks before each election

It is always a good idea to register earlier, to make sure you’ll get your ballot on time. To check or update your registration, click here.

Voters who have moved should update their residence address as soon as possible in order to be sure they receive their ballots on time. Voters who do not have a permanent address can enter a temporary mailing address. Here are the change of address instructions for Multnomah County voters.

Who can register to vote?

Any resident of Oregon who is a United States citizen and 16 years or older may register to vote. (If you register at age 16 or 17, you will not receive a ballot until the first election after your 18th birthday.)  Convicted felons who have served their sentences are eligible to vote in Oregon.

When do I register to vote?

You may register at any time, but your voter registration card must be postmarked or received 21 days before the election in which you intend to vote.

How do I register to vote?

If you have an Oregon Driver’s License, Permit or ID number issued by the Oregon Dept. of Motor Vehicles, you can register online here. (If your name has changed, please use a paper registration form and submit it to your county election official so they can record your new signature.)

You can print a paper mail-in voter registration form (PDF) from a computer. Forms are available in various languages.

Photo of the top of a paper voter registration form

Or you can find a mail-in voter registration card in many places, including:

  • At all Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) branches
  • At most public library branches
  • At many other government offices

You may always register in person at your county elections office.

After they have processed your form, the county elections office will mail you a Voter Notification Card to confirm your voter registration.

Residence vs. Mailing Address

There is space for two addresses on your registration form:  residence address and mailing address.  Your residence address should be the address at which you live.  The county electon office uses your residence address to determine the precinct in which you vote.  It cannot be a post office box.  Your mailing address should be the address to which your ballot is mailed.  It may be a post office box.

ID Requirement

If you have a valid Oregon driver’s license or identification card, you must provide that number on your registration form.

If you do not have such a number, you must provide the last four digits of your Social Security number on your registration form.

If you do not have either of those numbers, you must include a photocopy of alternate identification with your registration form. Your name and current residence address must be on your proof of ID. Examples include:

  • Valid photo identification
  • Paycheck stub
  • Utility bill
  • Bank statement
  • Government document

When do I need to re-register to vote?

You do not need to re-register to vote for every election.  Your voter registration record is maintained from election to election.  You do need to re-register to vote when:

  • You move or change your mailing address.  Even if you move from one unit to another in the same building, you must re-register.
  • You change your name.
  • You wish to change your party affiliation.
  • Your signature has changed.

How can I find out if I am already registered to vote in Oregon?

If you are unsure if you are registered to vote in Oregon, you can check your registration online at the Secretary of State’s website.  You can also contact your county elections office.