According to LWV policy, the LWVPDX President is the spokesperson for the League. The president approves and/or signs all the Portland League’s public statements. In some circumstances, the president authorizes another knowledgeable League member to present testimony. With such authorization, League members may testify to Portland City Council about important local issues. Our most recent testimony is here.

How LWVPDx Testimony is approved

The League President – with the help of the Action Chair, Board, and a committee of experts – carefully reviews proposed testimony before it is presented. Together, they first check that the proposed statement is consistent with League Positions.  All League statements on issues must conform with League advocacy positions, developed after a thorough study and member discussion and agreement. 

Our Action/Advocacy Chair works with other members who dedicate time to following certain local issues. The League also has Interest Groups that study issues such as public education, housing and justice. When members of these groups feel that the League should speak out on an issue, the request goes first to the Action Chair.

If the request is for a statement on a new issue, the Action Chair requests approval by the LWVPDX Board. (S)he explains the issue and LWV supporting positions to board members. If they approve the proposal, the Action Chair and LWV members who have followed the issue draft the statement. They then send it to the president and a small editing committee for final review and edits. The president must give final approval.

Testimony by individuals

The League strongly encourages the public and League members to speak out on issues they care about. Any resident may write letters to the Editor or testify to a governmental body, such as their City Council or  school board. They are also welcome to use the careful research in LWV studies to back up their opinions. However, they must not imply that their statements are endorsed by the LWV. THE FOLLOWING STATEMENT FROM THE LWV OF THE U.S. EXPLAINS THIS.

Members, of course, are always free to take action on any topic, as long as it is clear that they are speaking as individuals, not for the League (i.e, they should not mention that they are League members in their communications). It is important to remember that only the League president (or designee) speaks in the name of the League. Speaking with one voice is one of the most important tenets of the League.


You can see all our official LWVPDX testimony in recent years by clicking below on the following issues:

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Affordable housing/Homelessness

Campaign Finance Reform

City Government – City Charter


Environmental protection

Police Oversight

Portland Utility Board (Water)

Urban Renewal