LWVPDX Media: Videos and Podcasts

You can view videos of all our public events on demand from our YouTube channel. These videos show election forums, candidate interviews, and panel discussions of civic issues. We also produced shorter versions (“Highlights”) of some of the past programs.

In 2022, we launched a new podcast series to bring our presentations to listeners at their favorite podcast platforms.  Subscribe to LWVPDX Podcasts through Apple, Spotify, or other platforms.  We don’t post a new episode every week, so subscribe or visit our website or social media to learn when the latest episode drops!

MetroEast Community Media records and  produces our videos and podcasts. MetroEast logo

League volunteers and MetroEast edit the Highlights. The Carol and Velma Saling Foundation, Vernier Software and Technology and The Wyss Foundation help fund the video productions. MetroEast provides in-kind donations.

View the recordings by clicking here. Listen to the podcasts here or search for LWVPDX PODCASTS on your favorite listing service.

Highlights from Civic Panel Discussions

The League presents panel discussions about important civic issues during many months of the year. The full discussions are recorded as videos and often last more than an hour. For viewers who want to see a shorter version, “Highlights” videos have been produced with excerpts from the discussion with the most important points made by the panelists. These “Highlights” videos are typically 20 minutes long. These shorter videos can be viewed by clicking on the titles below.

Gun Safety Highlights

Oregon Budget Highlights

Lobbying the Legislature Highlights

Civil Discourse Highlights

Homeless Voices Highlights

Reducing Portland’s Carbon Footprint Highlights

Juvenile Justice, Improving Outcomes, Highlights

Immigration Justice Highlights

Working Women’s Rights Highlights

Education Innovations Highlights