City Charter Reform

Icons of diverse people holding signs saying Vote" and "Vote Informed"

The League strongly supports the City Charter reforms that voters passed in November 2022.  As 2024 nears, we are working to ensure Portlanders know what to expect in the November 2024 election and in the new form of government starting in 2025.

Using Ranked Choice Voting in 2024

We know that new ways of voting can be confusing. Learn how we’ll elect Portland’s next city government using ranked choice voting, by clicking here. Feel confident when you cast your ballot. Your vote is your voice and your voice matters!

Why We Care

We in the League of Women Voters of Portland firmly believe these charter reforms will make Portland’s government and elections better. We want you to understand why we think these reforms will improve our city elections and government.  Read our Ten Reasons for supporting Charter Reform here.

How We’re Speaking Out

Read our recent testimony about the implementation of the reforms here. We have been working hard to make sure the reforms are carried out appropriately as commissions decide district boundaries, set salary guidelines, and amend city code.

Want to Run for Office?

The City of Portland has released guidance for Portlanders interested in running for office in 2024 on the City Auditor’s Elections webpage.  In November 2024, Portland will be electing its Mayor, Auditor, and 12 City Council members.  Your city needs strong leadership – maybe that will include you!

Find Your District

You can find which district you’ll be voting in by visiting and entering your address. The information panel now includes City Council district numbers. Click on the words “City Council District” to highlight the entire district across the map, to see which district your neighbors will be voting in, too. More information on the new districts is at the City of Portland transition webpage.

More to Come!

Over the coming year, we will add more information here to help you know how to use ranked choice voting, who is on your ballot, and how your new government works. Check back soon!

Resources and Further Reading

Many of our partners across Portland are helping educate the community about election and government changes ahead.

We joined with Portland United for Change to get the 2022 charter reforms passed.

Learn from the City of Portland about the government transition.

Icons of diverse people holding signs saying Vote" and "Vote Informed"
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