League engagement in City Charter Reform

The League strongly supports the City Charter reforms that voters passed in November 2022. Read about why we supported these reforms and how we have raised our voices to support smooth implementation of these good ideas.

We are also on the ground helping ensure these charter reforms are a success for our city. In 2024, we are working to ensure Portlanders know what to expect in the November 2024 election and in the new form of government starting in 2025.

Visit our Election 2024 Hub for resources you need to be an informed, engaged voter.

Our League’s View on City Government

In 2017-2018, League volunteers undertook a study of Portland’s city government. Their research culminated in an extensive report: LWVPDX’s 2019 study report on city government.

This report examined various forms of city government, presenting challenges and strengths of each. We shared this report with the Charter Commissioners to help educate them about our perspective.

Our study and discussion also moved us to adopt by consensus a new City Government position statement about Portland’s government, which we used as the basis for our advocacy about charter reform.

Charter Commission 2020-2022

League volunteers followed the work of the city’s Charter Commission. Read about how we engaged with the Charter Commission.

We also hosted community education panels to educate our members and beyond about the work of the Charter Commission.

Why We Care

We in the League of Women Voters of Portland firmly believe these charter reforms will make Portland’s government and elections better. We want you to understand why we think these reforms will improve our city elections and government.  Read the Ten Reasons we supported Charter Reform here.

How We’re Speaking Out

Read our testimony about the implementation of the reforms here. We have been working hard to make sure the reforms are carried out appropriately as commissions decide district boundaries, set salary guidelines, and amend city code.

We try to give our members opportunities at key moments when they can raise their voices to speak up about what they want to see in their city government. Look for notices in your member messages and on our website for timely calls to action and sharing.