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The League depends on our member Volunteers

Some LWV volunteers greet guests at events

We are very grateful for our volunteers. Our volunteers help us improve our communities and our democracy. Please be aware that we generally ask only our members to volunteer. If you are not yet a member, please join us. If you want to volunteer, but need financial or other support to become a member, please contact our membership chair by emailing membership@lwvpdx.org.

We have a menu of options for ways you can help. Whether you can contribute an occasional hour or two or would like to spend more time on projects that interest you, there’s a job for you. Plus, when you volunteer for the League, you have the opportunity to sharpen your skills in leadership, communications, research, public speaking and more.

Often volunteers can work from home. Some work together with others who have similar interests. For example, members of our committees enjoy creating ideas for LWV events or educational resources together.  Committee members may communicate by email, or meet by conference call, on Zoom, in-person with safety precautions, or using a mixed format.

Every year, when members renew their memberships, or whenever new members join, they are encouraged to complete an interest form that lists opportunities for volunteering. (It also lists many opportunities we offer members to learn about issues with other members.) When recruiting volunteers, we consult the responses to these interest forms. We may also contact you by phone to learn more.

We invite YOU to volunteer to help with our projects, both large and small! Check the activities that interest you on the printable Member Information and Volunteer Opportunities Form, or click here to volunteer online with our  Member Information and Volunteer Form. The descriptions below may be  helpful if you are considering volunteering. They are slightly more detailed than the descriptions on the forms.

See the list of our 2019-2020 volunteers here.

Below are some detailed descriptions of volunteer opportunities. See the emails of the leaders, if you are interested in learning more.

Core Mission Committees: Action, Civic Education and Voter Service.

These committees carry out the work of the League to educate the public about elections and policy issues and to advocate for better communities.

ACTION  COMMITTEE OBSERVERS (Debbie Aiona, action@lwvpdx.org):

Track an issue of interest to you and of importance to the community.  Observe and report on the proceedings of public meetings of governmental bodies and/or advocacy groups. These reports give us background information for our educational and advocacy efforts. Observers often can read the minutes or listen to the recordings of meetings on their computers at home, whenever they have time.  Current and continuing Action areas are: Affordable Housing; Air Quality; Campaign Finance; Civic Engagement/Neighborhood Associations; Fossil Fuel Infrastructure/Climate Change; Joint Terrorism Task Force; Portland Charter Review Commission; Portland Harbor Superfund Site; Portland Police Bureau/Police Oversight; Portland Utility Board; and Universal Pre-Kindergarten

CIVIC EDUCATION COMMITTEE (Nancy Donovan, civiced@lwvpdx.org):
  • Plan with others or help host monthly public panel presentations on policy topics. These meetings often are held on the 2nd Tues. evening of the month. Committee members help plan the agenda and contact expert panelists for these monthly public presentations. They may also prepare information about experts for the League moderator. Sometimes they write newsletter articles and publicity about these events.
  • The Civic Education Committee also helps organize special meetings. These are special public or member events. The committee members select a venue, order food, invite a speaker or speakers, and host the event. In 2021-2022, these special events are the Fall Civic Education Program; Winter Program Planning, Media Luncheon,  and Spring Local Convention. 
CIVIC EDUCATION INTEREST GROUPS (See emails for leaders below.):

Members gather in the League name, around an area of interest for learning and collaboration, prospective study, or future advocacy. Open to all members. There are three 2021-22 Interest Groups.

  • Housing (Donna Cohen, info@lwvpdx.org). To explore how to keep people in their homes; alternatives to houselessness; affordable housing for seniors; and accountability in city and metro housing bonds.
  • Justice (James Ofsink and Barbara Ross, info@lwvpdx.org). To learn about and recommend advocacy for a fair criminal justice system including policing, sentencing, discrimination, parole, punishment and reintegration into the community.
  • Public School Education (Nancy Donovan and Fran Dyke, educinterest@lwvpdx.org). To bring forward new ideas to learn, collaborate and recommend activities for study or future advocacy in public school education.
DISCUSSION UNIT VOLUNTEERS (Judy Froemke, units@lwvpdx.org)

Discussion Units meet once a month in Sept, Oct, Nov, Jan, Feb, Mar, and Apr. Each group has a leader and notetakers. Discussion Unit leaders invite interested members to the meetings and introduce topics of each meeting. They often recruit other members to lead each discussion. Notetakers take notes during the discussions and send them to Judy Froemke.

VOTER SERVICE COMMITTEE  (Chris Cobey, voterservice@lwvpdx.org):

The next big election in Oregon is the Primary Election of May 17, 2022. League activity is March-May 2022. There are many options for helping with voter service. Training is provided. For information about specific voter services, click on the links on this website under Vote, Voters’ Guide, and Contact Elected Officials.

  • Video Voters’ Guides (Hailey McLaughlin, videovotersguide@lwvpdx.org): Conduct online candidate interviews. All interviews are done in a few days in April 2022.
  • Voter Forums Committee (Leader needed, forums@lwvpdx.org): Contacting candidates or experts on ballot measure pro and con for public forums and conducting the forums. March-May 2022.
  • Voters’ Guide, and Vote411 Committees (Kathy Casto with Linda Fields, votersguide@lwvpdx.org): Includes: writing questions for candidates; researching/writing ballot measure explanations with pros and cons; data entry; proof reading of print and online election information. Your skills are matched with need. Feb-May 2022.
  • Print Voters’ Guide Distribution (Erica Rubin, vgdistribution@lwvpdx.org) Take copies of printed guides to Multnomah County Libraries and other neighborhood locations. April-May 2022.
  • Voter Registration and Engagement (Leader needed, voterregistration@lwvpdx.org) voter registration in public if conditions allow, through letters, emails or texting. Expanding public outreach. Ongoing and continuous.
  • Speakers Bureau (Beth Burczak, speakers@lwvpdx.org): Speak to organizations that request nonpartisan presentations on ballot measures and other issues/topics. Ongoing and continuous.
  • Multnomah County Directory of Elected Officials (Leader needed): This team updates the list of elected officials after each candidate election is certified. Volunteers need computer and phone sleuthing skills.


These committees support the work of the League by providing the publicity, funding, services and people to carry out our core mission.

COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE  Margaret Noel, communications@lwvpdx.org; Amber Nobe, eVoter Editor, newsletter@lwvpdx.org):
  • Write/edit newsletter (The Voter) articles or press releases on our monthly activities
  • Publicity: send out press releases, design ads.
  • Take photos; record/edit videos; design graphics
  • Post on social media or website (Should understand the League)
DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE (Linda Mantel, development@lwvpx.org):

Raise the funds to carry out our work.

  • Prepare materials for one-day and longer-term development campaigns
  • Thank and steward donors with letters and telephone calls
  • Help organize a special fundraising event (arrange venue, food, speaker, hosts)
MEMBERSHIP/VOLUNTEER COMMITTEE(Mary McWilliams, membership@lwvpdx.org):

Use your interpersonal skills to facilitate match between League needs and member volunteers.

OFFICE HELP (Marion McNamara, vpadmin@lwvpdx.org):

Help with occasional USPS mailings; or other office/clerical jobs.

LWV OF PORTLAND BOARD (Ann Dudley,nominating@lwvpdx.org):

Board/Committee Leadership: We are a working board, and welcome interested members to consider being appointed to leadership or board positions.

SUPPORTING LWV OF OREGON (See contact information below)