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Become a member and help us with: Empowering Voters. Defending democracy.

New Members: Anyone age 16 and over is eligible to join the League. We encourage men, as well as women, to become members. The LWV is a grassroots organization. We work on local, state and national elections and government policies. Members may fully participate in League activities and help decide on League priorities. Some  meetings and activities are open only to members and invited guests.

Renewing Members: Each year in July, current members receive a reminder about renewing their memberships. However, new members who join after February 1 have paid their dues through June of the following year.


Members receive:
  • a monthly newsletter
  • comprehensive voting information before every election
  • invitations to meetings with leaders in the Portland community
  • the chance to join a “Discussion Unit”  (small discussion groups of members who discuss current issues and influence LWV policies and priorities). Read more about these Discussion Unit groups here.
  • opportunities to study issues in depth as part of an official LWV Interest Group or a formal LWV Study. Read about LWV Studies here.
  • the chance to be part of a League-sponsored Interest Group to learn about a particular issue. Currently there are three LWVPDX Interest Groups.  They focus on Housing issues, Justice and Police Accountability, and Public School Education.
  • mentoring to sharpen our skills for learning, communicating, and advocating about public policies in our communities, state and nation.

Membership Dues- 2021-22

You can join the League by mail or online. Please see the specific instructions below.

We are committed finding ways for all individuals who want to become members to join us. If you are concerned that you may not be able to join us for any reason, please email We will do whatever we can to help you engage in our efforts to create a more perfect democracy.

For the 2021-22 fiscal year, beginning July  1, 2021, LWV of Portland membership dues are $80/person, but just $120 for a two-person household. Subsidized memberships are $45 for those who cannot afford $80. All high school, college or university student memberships are $5.

Half of all membership dues are tax-deductible. That is, for 2021-22, $40 of each individual’s dues and $60 of each two-person household’s dues will be deposited in the Education Fund and will be tax-deductible if you itemize charitable contributions.

payment options

There are two options for paying membership dues, by mail or through PayPal with a PayPal account or credit card. You can avoid the PayPal fee by mailing a check in with your membership form.

To join by mail as a new member or renew your membership by mail, please print and fill out League members support climate change legislationour print Membership Form for 2021-22. If you want to attend our  informational meetings or are interested in volunteering, please also print and fill out the Information/Education and Volunteer Opportunities form. Mail these forms with your check to: LWV of Portland, P.O. Box 3491, Portland OR 97208-3491

When you join online via PayPal or credit card, please also complete the single online form with your contact information and interests in Informational and Volunteer Opportunities.  (Note: the amount shown by PayPal includes a ~4% fee that is added by PayPal.) To pay online, select the membership type and then click the Pay Now button below.

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Donations support us beyond what your dues cover

Please consider a donation to LWVPDX beyond your membership dues. A large part of your dues supports the important work of the League of Women Voters of the United States and the League of Women Voters of Oregon. Only $17.50 of an individual’s $80 remains in Portland. We need to raise funds through individual and corporate donations and grants to provide enough revenue for LWV of Portland’s budget.  Our budget for 2021-2022 is $128,699. This includes $88,486 for our Education Fund (Civic Education, Voter Service) and $40,213 for the Regular Fund (Advocacy, Member Support).

You can add an extra donation to your check if you join or renew your membership by mail. If you join online, please consider donating online by visiting our Donate page. Or click on the Donate buttons in the sidebar on the right.

Gift memberships

To give a friend or family member a gift membership, please click Gift Memberships in LWV Portland. Some gift memberships also may be available to members who cannot otherwise afford to join.