2024 Program Planning

Being a member of the League offers you the opportunity to help shape the Leagues priorities.  Through the Program Planning process, members talk about what they want to see in the year ahead: 

  • What we should be advocating about 
  • What we should be educating ourselves and the community about
  • Where we should be focusing our energies to learn more.

The League is grassroots-powered by our members – you.

Program Planning Explained

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Purpose and Process

Possible Recommendations

Definitions for Program Planning Terms

Online Discussion Schedule and Sets of Issues

To learn more about an issue after January 8th, click the Resources link in the groups below.

Register for one or more of the Program Planning Discussions.

All discussions are virtual and will be held over Zoom.

Group 1:  Tuesday, January 16, 1 pm via Zoom
Lack of Affordable Housing for Low Income People
Discussion leaders: Nancy Donovan & Anne Davidson
Notetaker: Shelly Rosenberg
Resources for Group 1 discussion, click here.

Group 2:  Thursday, January 18, 1 pm via Zoom
Portland’s New Government Structure
Discussion leaders: Debbie Aiona, Janice Thompson
and Wynne Furth
Resources for Group 2 discussions click here.

Group 3:  Saturday, January 20, 10 am via Zoom
Mental/Behavioral Health & Addiction Treatment and Housing with Peer Management
Discussion leaders: Jason Renaud & Kathy Casto
Notetaker: Marsha Gulick
Resources for Group 3 discussions, click here.

Group 4:  Monday, January 22, 10 am via Zoom
Climate Change and the Environment
Discussion leaders: Nora Terwilliger & Linda Mantel with Robin Tokmakian reporting on the COP 28
Notetaker: Julie Chapman
Resources for Group 4 discussions, click here.

Group 5:  Wednesday, January 24, 1 pm via Zoom
Discussion leaders: Fran Dyke & Tom Dyke
Notetaker: Mimi Alkire
Resources for Group 5 discussions, click here.

Group 6:  Friday, January 26, 10 am via Zoom
Election Issues and Civic Education
Discussion leaders: Norman Turrill & Melanie Billings-Yun
Notetaker: Chris Cobey
Resources for Group 6 discussions, click here.

Group 7:  Monday, January 29, 1 pm via Zoom
Humanitarian Crises and International Relations
Discussion leaders: Barbara Dudley & Barbara Byrd
Notetaker: Carol Penn
Resources for Group 7 discussions, click here.

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