November 6, 2018 General Election

There are many important issues on your 2018 General Election ballot:  affordable housing, taxes, clean energy, jobs, abortion, the influence of money in politics and how we treat immigrants. We will also be electing leaders for our national, state and local governments – the people who will represent you in the next two to four years.

Click on the links below or on our homepage to find neutral nonpartisan information about the 2018 General Election.

Remember to mail your ballot by November 1, or put it in a ballot box at your local public library or another official drop-off site by no later than 8 PM on November 6.

The League of Women Voters is completely nonpartisan, in that we never support nor oppose any political candidate or party. Our voter services on candidates and on ballot measures are neutral; we strive to be completely impartial in presenting the views of all candidates and of advocates on both sides of each ballot measure.

In addition to our neutral voter service information, our Advocate page has a link to our recommendations on the ballot measures and why we support or oppose each one. We make recommendations about ballot measures based on a careful analysis of each measure’s effects if passed and thorough studies of the issues involved.