Videos of Highlights from 2017-18 Civic Programs

What are Highlights Videos?

Highlights videos are shortened versions of recorded panel discussions about important civic issues. The League presents these panel discussions during many months of the year. The full discussions often last more than an hour. But now you can see a shorter version with the most important points.  Highlights videos are typically 20 minutes long.

View the highlights of what was said by clicking on the titles below.

Gun Safety Highlights

Oregon Budget Highlights

Lobbying the Legislature Highlights

Civil Discourse Highlights

Homeless Voices Highlights

Reducing Portland’s Carbon Footprint Highlights


Watch Highlights from Homeless Voices Panel

Highlights Videos

This is short video on Homeless Voices is one of a series of videos that are excerpts from longer recordings of forums. We take the most interesting statements from the panel discussions.

What you can learn about solutions to homelessness

Listen as people who have been homeless talk about their experiences and how they found ways to change their lives. These highlights from their remarks open a window for understanding how people become homeless, their feelings while homeless, and what they need to return to living successful lives in a community.