Lobbying the Oregon Legislature

The Oregon 2019 Legislative session is in full swing, with committees meeting now to make decisions about state services and the Oregon 2019-2021 budget! Is there a program you want funded? A bill you think should be passed or defeated? Our 18-minute Highlights video on Lobbying the Legislature has many tips for how you can make your voice heard.

You also can learn about what’s happening in the Legislature and the Oregon League’s priorities and advocacy by clicking here and here.

Videos of Highlights from 2017-18 Civic Programs

What are Highlights Videos?

Highlights videos are shortened versions of recorded panel discussions about important civic issues. The League presents these panel discussions during many months of the year. The full discussions often last more than an hour. But now you can see a shorter version with the most important points.  Highlights videos are typically 20 minutes long.

View the highlights of what was said by clicking on the titles below.

Gun Safety Highlights

Oregon Budget Highlights

Lobbying the Legislature Highlights

Civil Discourse Highlights

Homeless Voices Highlights

Reducing Portland’s Carbon Footprint Highlights


Primary Election Video Voters’ Guide!

Watch interviews of candidates running for the U.S. House of Representatives, Oregon Governor, Oregon Supreme Court, Oregon Court of Appeals, Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries, Oregon State Senate and Oregon State House of Representatives. Candidates’ party affiliations are indicated with (R)  Republican, (D) Democrat, (I) Independent, and (N) Nonpartisan.

The interviews were recorded by MetroEast Community Media and Tualatin Valley Community Television (TVCTV). We thank the League of Women Voters of Clackamas County for their help in producing these Video Voters’ Guide interviews. If you live in Washington County or Clackamas County, check out other TVCTV recordings of candidate interviews here.

U.S. Congress, Representative District 1 – George Griffith (R)

U.S. Congress, Representative District 1 – John Verbeck (R)

U.S. Congress, Representative District 3 – Marc Koller (I)

U.S. Congress, Representative District 3 – Ben Lavine (D)

U.S. Congress, Representative District 5 – Mark Callahan (R)

U.S Congress, Representative District 5 – Peter Wright (D)

Oregon Governor – Knute Buehler (R)

Oregon Governor – Bruce Cuff (R)

Oregon Governor – Brett Hyland (R)

Oregon Governor – Ed Jones (D)

Oregon Governor – Candace Neville (D)

Oregon Governor – Jeff Smith (R)

Oregon Governor – David W. Stauffer (R)

Oregon Supreme Court Position 3 – Meagan A. Flynn (N)

Oregon Court of Appeals, Position 10 – Rex Armstrong (N)

Oregon Court of Appeals, Position 10 – Kyle Krohn (N)

Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries – Val Hoyle (N)

Oregon State Senate District 24 – Shemia Fagan D)

Oregon State Senate District 24 – Kayse Jama (D)

Oregon State Senate District 24 – Rod Monroe (D)

Oregon State Senate District 26 – Chrissy Reitz (D)

Oregon State Representative District 27 – Sheri Malstrom (D)

Oregon State Representative District 45 – Barbara Smith Warner (D)

Metro Councilor District 2 – Christine Lewis (N)

More information about these candidates and their opponents is available through the LWV of Oregon Voters’ Guide and Multnomah County Voters’ Guide and Vote411.org.


Make your voice heard in the Oregon Legislature – View recordings

Our October 10 event, open to the public, offered practical advice on effectively making your case in Salem. Panelists included a state legislator, a LWV lobbyist, and a citizen who successfully lobbied for mothers’ rights – all speaking about what works to persuade legislators. Listen to the recordings of this discussion to learn how to make your voice heard on important legislation.

Thanks to the Multnomah Bar Foundation, the program was recorded for future broadcast and online streaming by MetroEast Community Media. The recording is now available for online streaming. A shorter video with highlights from the program is also available.

View the recording of this program by clicking the arrow below.  More LWV News