2021 Membership Business Meeting

In 2021, our Membership Business Meeting was held via Zoom on Wednesday, May 19, from 5:00 to 6:30 PM.

At our annual meeting every May, League members vote on plans for the coming year. At our annual meetings, we often also have an interesting speaker and some fun. Traditionally, we honor our volunteers, including a Volunteer of the Year, whose work during the year has been especially noteworthy. For 2021, even though we met via Zoom, we added some of these special touches to our business meeting.

For fun in 2021, we envisioned the business meeting as a cruise on the LWV Member-Ship of Opportunity.  A few board members – all fully vaccinated – dressed as a crew of sailors. This crew steered the ship from our new office “wheelhouse.”  During the “cruise,” our “social directors” engaged members in a game: Spin the Wheel of Opportunity. Participating members made pledges to support our work in the 2021-22 fiscal year.

We began our business meeting with a welcoming video from the CEO of the LWVUS, Virginia Kase. Then, we showed our one-minute video with highlights of our 2020-21 accomplishments. During the meeting, members elected all the nominees for our 2021-22 Board of Directors, approved the proposed budget. amended the Bylaws as proposed, and adopted the recommended Program for the current year.

Volunteers of the Year (2020-21)

We were pleased to honor two members as our Volunteers of the Year. They were Barbara Ross, Chair of our Police Accountability Study, and Corinne Paulson, who chaired our Endowment Fund for many years. Barbara, a former Oregon legislator, also chaired our Justice Interest Group. Corinne was a former LWVPDX President and board member. She recently retired as a longtime Discussion Unit leader.

Below are some of the motions on which members voted. All passed.