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Thanks to our Awesome Volunteers!

May 15, 2018 / Margaret Noel / News

More than 100 League member and some nonmember volunteers worked on the 2017-18 activities of the League of Women Voters of Portland. They were honored at our May 2018 Convention.

Most recently, League volunteers produced and distributed our nonpartisan Multnomah County Voters’ Guide–composing substantive questions for the candidates and researching the ballot measure on the Children’s Levy; entering contact information for candidates on and inviting the candidates to participate; editing and proofreading the drafts; and carrying bundles of the printed guides to libraries and other places where voters could find them. Other volunteers organized our forums, invited and hosted the candidates, arranged for video recordings, moderated the forums and timed the candidates’ statements to make sure all candidates had an equal chance to state their positions. Another groups of volunteers organized and conducted the interviews for our Video Voters’ Guide.

Throughout the year, volunteers also organized and moderated our monthly civic education panel discussions. Other volunteers studied the issues that will affect the future of our city, county, and Metro area, and, when the Portland City Council debated issues related to our positions on city planning, government transparency, police accountability and water quality, our Advocacy Team sent letters and testified before the Council.

Some volunteers contribute five or ten hours of their time a year, but others contribute many more–250 to 1,500 hours a year. All together our volunteers donated at least 8,000 hours of their time in the past year. This time (at $24.14/hour) was worth more than $193,000!

We are grateful to all our dedicated, hard-working and talented volunteers! If YOU would like to help us in the year ahead, when we will be preparing information for the 2018 General Election and for our 2018-19 Civic Education Panel Discussions, please click here.

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