May 18, 2021 School Board & Special Districts Election for this Special Election!

LWV Resources Helped Voters Make Informed Voting Decisions in May 2021

Voting in the May 2021 election started about April 29. Ballots were due back to the Elections Office or an Official Dropbox by 8pm on May 18th. had a lot of relevant voting information. This included an explanation of a ballot measure for the Oregon Historical Society levy.  In addition, many candidates for school boards and fire and water districts posted their information. We also invited them to participate in short interviews for our Video Voters’ Guide. In addition, we invited all nine candidates for the Portland Public Schools District Board to be in the PPS School Board Video Forum. All of their answers and videos are on this webpage. Candidates had until Election Day to post their information on VOTE411. 

To vote in this election, a voter had to be a US citizen living in Multnomah County, at least 18 years old, and must have registered to vote on or before Tuesday, April 27, 2021.

View the video about how to use, produced by our sister League in Clackamas County.

Ballot Measures for this Special Election

Read about how levies can affect your property taxes here.

May 2021 Video Voters’ Guide with School Board Candidate Interviews

We invited all the candidates in this election to be talk about their ideas in 8 to 10 minute interviews. Hear what the candidates who accepted our invitation had to say. View the Video Voters’ Guide by clicking here.

Portland School Board Video Forum with seven of the nine candidates

Portland voters elect school board candidates from all the zones. This forum allowed voters to compare the candidates running for each zone, so they could decide how to vote. Note that the timer is shown on wide shots, along with the moderator and the seven candidates. In order to assure that each candidate had a fair and equal chance to explain their views, we timed their answers. We asked them to stick to the time limits.

More information about the candidates and their written answers to questions
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