Vote 411 Instructions


The League can create a custom Voters’ Guide for you! Go to Vote 411 and enter your residence address to see a Voters’ Guide with information for only those candidates and items on your ballot.

  • Enter your address, click the “Enter” button.
  • Then click the green button “Get personalized information on candidates and issues”. There are other options for registering to vote, if this is of interest.
  • Verify your address on the map by clicking on the green button “Show My Races”
  •  Choose your party using the drop down menu under “Choose My Party”. Click on the blue button “Go to My Races”
  • All your candidates and issues will come up. By clicking “Next Race” you will page through candidates race by race. Clicking “View My Races” will bring up a list of all races where you can click through to the specific race or issue.