November 5, 2019 Special Election

Information about this election may be found on the League’s website and on this website. See below.

Get info on local ballot measures

We are voting on water issues, bonds, levies and emergency aid!

The League of Women Voters of Portland has researched the six Multnomah County measures on voters’ ballot for this special election. Our reports add information to the statements in your Multnomah County Voters’ Pamphlet. We have checked with government officials, supporters and opponents to make sure the reports are correct. To learn more, come to our program on October 21 explaining four measures that are starred below.

Click on the titles of the measures below to read about each one.

Measure No: 26-202, Troutdale Old City Hall Reconstruction – General Obligation Bonds

Measure No: 26-203, Metro Bonds to protect water quality, fish, wildlife habitat, natural areas*

Measure No: 26-204, City of Portland – Increases protections for Bull Run Watershed*

Measure No: 26-205, City of Portland – Authorizes participation in mutual aid agreements*

Measure 26-206, Sauvie Island Fire District 30J – Renewal of Five-Year Local Option Levy

Measure 26-207, Portland Public Schools – Levy Renewal to Maintain Teaching Positions*

For more information, watch our October 21 program!

WHEN: On Monday, October 21, from 6:30 to 8:30 pm

WHERE: Multnomah County Boardroom, 501 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Portland

WHAT: Explanations of Measures 26-203, 26-204, 26-205, and 26-207

  • Metro Speakers: Laura Oppenheimer, Parks and Nature Communications Manager, and Dan Moeller,Conservation Program Director for Metro’s Parks and Nature Department, explaining M 26-203. This measure would allow Metro to issue bonds to purchase land, restore fish and wildlife habitat and complete trails through Metro’s parks and nature system.
  • City of Portland Speakers: Gabriel Solmer, Deputy Director of the Portland Water Bureau, and Michael Stuhr, Bureau Director/Administrator, explaining City of Portland Charter changes – M 26-204 to protect the Bull Run watershed and M 26-205, to authorize city participation in emergency mutual aid agreements.
  • PPS Speakers:Scott Bailey, Board of Education Director, and Claire Hertz, Deputy Superintendent of Business and Operations, explaining M 26-207, Continuing current tax levy for Portland Public Schools.
This program is free and open to the public. Recordings of the event will be posted on and on this website a few days later.