Nov. 2, 2021 Special Election-Fairview OR

The Fairview Oregon City Council is asking the city’s voters to approve changes to the Fairview City Charter in a special election this fall.

To vote in this election, voters must live in the City of Fairview. In addition, they must have registered to vote by no later than October 12, 2021. (Information on registering to vote is on this page on the Multnomah County Elections website.)

Ballots were mailed to registered Fairview voters on October 13. Voters should return their voted ballots to the Elections Office or an official drop site by 8 pm on Election Day, November 2. If you are mailing your ballot, please put it in the mail by Tuesday October 26. You also can drop off your ballot at an official drop site by 8 pm on November 2.

Read the League’s report on this measure below.

Ballot Measure 26-222, City of Fairview

Ballot Title

Fairview Charter Amendment Creating City Manager Position


Shall Fairview revise its Charter concerning the chief administrator’s title and setting out details of that position in the Charter?

Financial Impact:

Since the title change doesn’t affect salary (which is negotiated with City Council), the financial impact is limited to any administrative costs in recording changes to the City Charter. 

Probable Results of a Yes Vote:
    • A “Yes” vote would allow the City of Fairview to change the job title of its City Administrator to City Manager. 
    • A “Yes” vote also would allow the City to describe in the Charter both the manager’s duties and how the manager is to be appointed or removed.   
Probable Results of a No Vote:
    • The City Administrator’s title would remain unchanged.
    • The City Administrator’s responsibilities would continue to be laid out in the Fairview Municipal Code, not the City Charter. 

The City of Fairview (population approximately 9570) was incorporated in 1908. It is located about 15 miles northeast of the City of Portland. Currently, its City Administrator reports to the Mayor and City Council and is responsible for developing and managing the budget, supervising administrative personnel and department heads, purchasing, and community and government relations.  These duties are recorded in the City Code, which can be changed by Council through an ordinance. 

Currently, the City seeks to hire a new administrator, and Council members voted to change the job title and include responsibilities in the Charter.  The language describing these responsibilities is taken from the Model Charter for Oregon Cities and could not be changed without voter approval.

Summary of Measure:

If approved, the measure would:

    • Change the City Administrator’s job title to City Manager;
    • Specify job responsibilities within the City Charter, instead of the City Code;
    • Use language from the Model Charter for Oregon Cities to describe the City Manager’s responsibilities.
Supporters Say:
    • Describing the City Manager’s job responsibilities in the Charter creates “stability and permanency” and “insulates the position from political changes.” This stability may then aid the Council in recruiting candidates. 
    • Using language from the Model Charter for Oregon Cities allows for a more concise job description than the description currently in the City Code. 
Opponents Say:
    • There is no organized opposition to this measure.

NOTE: You can read language to be included in the Fairview City Charter in the Summary and Explanatory Statement for Ballot Measure 26-222.  It copies the language in the League of Oregon Cities’ Model Charter for Oregon Cities, pp 10-11, but adds that the manager must “Act as the City purchasing agent/officer.”