2021 Program Planning


The program planning process for 2021-2022 begins in January with member discussions. In previous years, members met in person. In 2021, we will meet via Zoom.

Each discussion group will discuss a cluster of issues. In addition, each group will review the League’s current advocacy positions that apply to these issues. They will consider these questions:

    • Which of these issues should be a focus for League activities in the next few years?
    • Are the positions still adequate?
    • Do they need to be updated?
    • Do we need a new in-depth study of one or more of the issues?
    • Should we advocate on these issues, offer civic education programs, or create an interest group to learn more about what’s needed?

An article about the discussion groups was in the LWVPDX December 2020 eVoter newsletter and reminders were sent in January. They included the following list of topics and schedule.  For more information, members should email units@lwvpdx.org.

2021 Topics & Meeting Times

Note: Members may participate in as many discussion meetings as they like. 

You can read the LWVPDX studies that led to the Portland LWV positions we’ll discuss here. The archive of past LWVOR studies is here. You can find links to the national LWVUS studies, plus some studies done by other local and state Leagues here.

Definitions for Program Planning

The LWV has special definitions for some of the words we use in program planning. Here are the definitions  for what we are mean when we say,  “program,” “position,” “action,” “Interest Group,” “study,” “consensus,” and “concurrence.”


In February, all seven discussion units will review all the proposals made by discussion groups in January. Then they will discuss how they think the League should act on the various proposals. Afterwards, discussion leaders will send their groups’ recommendations to the LWVPDX Board. Recommendations for Oregon studies and positions will be forwarded to the LWV of Oregon Board. In addition, the LWVPDX Board will review the recommendations for the Portland League. Below you can see a flowchart showing the whole month-by-month process. The process concludes at the LWV conventions in May. At that time, the membership will vote on whether to approve the final proposed studies and position recommendations.

Flowchart designed by LWVPDX Board Member Audrey Zunkel-deCoursey