2020 Candidates for Special Districts

The League of Women Voters believes that voters should have information about all the candidates and issues in each election. We offered the opportunity to participate in Vote411.org at no cost to all the candidates. Some of these Soil & Water Conservation District candidates have responded so far and others may do so later. We have copied their answers about their qualifications from Vote411.org. We have also indicated which candidates submitted a statement for the Multnomah County Elections Voters’ Pamphlet. (See pages M-42 through M-45 in the Voters’ Pamphlet.)

East Multnomah County Soil & Water Conservation District

The current Board of the East Multnomah County Soil and Water Conservation District is profiled on the EMSWCD website here. Current members of the Board include candidates Laura Masterson and Rick Till. Gabrielle Rossi, Joe Rossi’s daughter, currently represents Zone 1.

West Multnomah County Soil & Water Conservation District