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26-179 Portland Affordable Housing Bond
26-183 Appointed Sheriff Multnomah County
26-184 Campaign Finance Reform Multnomah County

Errata: US Congress 3rd District

LWVOR regrets an error in our printed Voters’ Guides. Information at our online site is correct. We encourage you to visit: for our most current voting information on all Oregon candidates and ballot measures.

Candidates for Oregon’s 3rd Congressional District US Representative race were asked three questions. Here are their correct responses to the third question.

How will you try to reduce polarization in Congress so problems can be solved?

David Delk, Progressive
Solutions to the polarization are long range.
1. Amend the US Constitution to overturn Citizens United and end corporate personhood.
2. Pass meaningful limits on campaign financing
3. Pass a meaningful system of public funding of federal elections
4. In the Senate, end the filibuster
5. Institute voter reforms like instant runoff voting to allow minor party participation
6. End the polarization of American society in general as Congressional polarization is a reflection of society.

David W Walker Republican, Independent
Begin the general call for “Never cast a Vote for any candidate of the a Democrat & Republican party. The immediate harm and continuing threat caused by the Republican and Democrat parties to our government, institutions & American way of life is at a critical level. These two moribund institutions no longer represents any voter of any stripe. Republicans and Democrats only divide our citizens, serve their personal Leadership PACs and have turned the greatest democracy into a banana republic

Earl Blumenauer, Democrat
Model the behavior you expect from others; do not engage in hyper-partisan insulting behavior. Find areas of bipartisan common interest on second and third-tier issues that will make a difference. This is what I have done with work on rebuilding and renewing America. I have bipartisan legislation in several areas including healthcare reform, reforming marijuana laws and international water and sanitation, that people like to work on can actually pass and make a difference.