Voters’ Guides are Here

League of Women Voters Voters’ Guides for the May 2016 Primary

Multnomah County Edition for local races (Portland, Multnomah County, Metro)

Oregon Edition for statewide races

Go to for a personalized ballot showing only the candidates and issues that will appear on your ballot (Instructions for using Vote411.)


Multnomah La Guía de Los Votantes May 2016

Print editions of the Voters’ Guides are now available at the Multnomah County Elections Office, Multnomah County Libraries, Portland Community College Libraries and New Seasons while supplies last.

Voters’ Guides are made available with the help of  generous donations by Vernier Software and Technology, Multnomah Bar Foundation, Carol and Velma Saling Foundation, Rose E. Tucker Charitable Trust, and Neil Kelly.

Candidate and Ballot Measure Forums

metroeastlogoForums were taped by MetroEast Media for rebroadcast and online viewing.
View candidate forums for Portland Mayor, Portland City Commissioner and the “gas tax” ballot measure forum here.

Rebroadcast schedules for these forums:  Portland Mayor, Portland City Commissioner Position 1 and 4, Multnomah County Commissioner, Metro Councilor and Portland Gas Tax ballot measure are here.

Forum sponsors are Vernier Software and Technology, MetroEast Community Media, Multnomah Bar Foundation and Paloma Clothing

Be a Voter

vote buttonTo vote in the May 17th Oregon primary, you must be registered by April 26, 2016

To check if you are registered, registered at the correct address (very important in our vote by mail system, the post office will NOT forward ballots), and registered in the party you wish to vote in, you may check at the Secretary of State’s website here .

If you have an Oregon Driver’s License, Permit or ID number issued by the Oregon Dept. of Motor Vehicles, you can register online here.

For further information on registering and voting in Oregon, check here.