Lots of Info in spite of COVID

Click the play arrow below to view  a video about the ways we are still offering  plenty of Primary Election information to Multnomah County voters. Even before the pandemic, we knew that we – and voters like you – were facing a challenge. More than twice as many candidates than usual are running. We offer videos of candidate interviews and a Secretary of State debate, and printed and online voters’ guides, in English and Spanish. To learn more, see our Voters’ Guide page  and take a look at our video.

Voting and COVID-19

During this COVID-19 emergency, voters should be prepared to avoid voting in person. Fortunately we have Vote-by-Mail in Oregon, so you don’t have to stand in line! Please remember to register early or update your registration as soon as you can. The deadline to register to vote is April 28. For more information about registering to vote in Multnomah County, click here.

During the COVID-19 crisis, the League of Women Voters will be providing online information about candidates and measures via Vote411.org and on this website.

We will produce printed voters’ guides and distribute them widely throughout the county. In addition, we will produce and post online video recordings of candidate interviews for a Video Voters’ Guide.  Stay tuned!

Nonpartisan Information for Voting in the Primary!

To view PDF copies of the League of Women Voters 2018 nonpartisan Primary Election voters’ guides, click on MULTNOMAH COUNTY VOTERS’ GUIDE and  LWV of Oregon Voters’ Guide .  Printed copies of these voters’ guides are now available at the Multnomah County Elections Office, all Multnomah County libraries, Portland Community College libraries, Mt. Hood PCC, Portland State University Library, Warner Pacific College Library, New Seasons Markets, Loaves and Fishes (Meals on Wheels) sites, and many other places.

Together, the Multnomah County and Oregon LWV Guides include information on all the candidates and ballot measures that will be on ballots for Multnomah County voters. Both printed guides are also available in Spanish or click on the names for PDF copies. GUIA DEL VOLANTE EL CONDADA DE MULTNOMAH, GUIA DEL VOTANTE OREGON

You can find only the information that will be on your own ballot by entering your address on vote411.org.

You  can connect to all the Video Voters’ Guide interviews of candidates on Multnomah County ballots by clicking here.

You can watch all the the candidate forums by clicking here.

Get to know the candidates by listening to what they have to say!

Primary Election Forums! WATCH VIDEOS

View online recordings of the LWV of Portland election forums for candidates in the May 15 Primary Election. See the candidates and compare what they have to say. Be informed when you vote!

These Candidate Forums, co-sponsored by the Interfaith Alliance on Poverty, were held at the Multnomah County Board Room, 501 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Below is list of the forums.



Sponsors: Multnomah Bar Foundation, MetroEast Community Media, Paloma Clothing, LWV of Portland Education Fund and Sara Frewing Fund.

More LWV News

Primary Election Video Voters’ Guide!

Watch interviews of candidates running for the U.S. House of Representatives, Oregon Governor, Oregon Supreme Court, Oregon Court of Appeals, Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries, Oregon State Senate and Oregon State House of Representatives. Candidates’ party affiliations are indicated with (R)  Republican, (D) Democrat, (I) Independent, and (N) Nonpartisan.

The interviews were recorded by MetroEast Community Media and Tualatin Valley Community Television (TVCTV). We thank the League of Women Voters of Clackamas County for their help in producing these Video Voters’ Guide interviews. If you live in Washington County or Clackamas County, check out other TVCTV recordings of candidate interviews here.

U.S. Congress, Representative District 1 – George Griffith (R)

U.S. Congress, Representative District 1 – John Verbeck (R)

U.S. Congress, Representative District 3 – Marc Koller (I)

U.S. Congress, Representative District 3 – Ben Lavine (D)

U.S. Congress, Representative District 5 – Mark Callahan (R)

U.S Congress, Representative District 5 – Peter Wright (D)

Oregon Governor – Knute Buehler (R)

Oregon Governor – Bruce Cuff (R)

Oregon Governor – Brett Hyland (R)

Oregon Governor – Ed Jones (D)

Oregon Governor – Candace Neville (D)

Oregon Governor – Jeff Smith (R)

Oregon Governor – David W. Stauffer (R)

Oregon Supreme Court Position 3 – Meagan A. Flynn (N)

Oregon Court of Appeals, Position 10 – Rex Armstrong (N)

Oregon Court of Appeals, Position 10 – Kyle Krohn (N)

Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries – Val Hoyle (N)

Oregon State Senate District 24 – Shemia Fagan D)

Oregon State Senate District 24 – Kayse Jama (D)

Oregon State Senate District 24 – Rod Monroe (D)

Oregon State Senate District 26 – Chrissy Reitz (D)

Oregon State Representative District 27 – Sheri Malstrom (D)

Oregon State Representative District 45 – Barbara Smith Warner (D)

Metro Councilor District 2 – Christine Lewis (N)

More information about these candidates and their opponents is available through the LWV of Oregon Voters’ Guide and Multnomah County Voters’ Guide and Vote411.org.