2020 Membership Business Meeting

The 2019-2020 Annual ConVention Report

In previous years, the Portland League distributed an annual report to the members attending the Annual Business Meeting and Local Convention. The Annual Convention Report covers information about the decisions to be made at the Membership Business Meeting and a review of the League’s activities for the year. Because the 2020 business meeting was a virtual one, the 2019-20 annual report was published after the meeting. You can read it here.

A Virtual Online Meeting

Every year, for as long as anyone can remember, the League of Women Voters of Portland has held its annual membership business meeting as part of our Local Convention. This year, we cannot hold an in-person Local Convention or business meeting. But we still have some business to do.

Before June, LWVPDX members must elect the 2020-21 Board, pass the 2020-21 budget and approve the 2020-21 League Program. So we will hold a business meeting on Tuesday May 12 from 5:30 to 6:30 pm by teleconferencing with Zoom.

Information about the Meeting

At the beginning of April, all current LWVPDX members were mailed the following documents. These give details about the meeting and the business on which members must vote.

Other Information for the Meeting

Some help with using zoom for the meeting

The picture below shows the links that participants should click within the Zoom screen to view the other participants, raise their hands to be recognized or vote, to mute or unmute their microphones and to write motions or comments.


Members are asked to please call or email the LWVPDX office to let us know whether they will participate. (503-228-1675 or info@lwvpdx.org) In addition, please let us know how you will join in – by computer or by phone. Then we will send you more details about the meeting. Only those members who have notified the office that they want to participate will be invited to register. And only those who register will receive an invitation to the meeting.

Let’s look forward to fun later

We will hold the enjoyable social parts of the Local Convention when it it safe to meet again in person.

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