Heartbreaking & Horrifying

Our hearts go out to the many Oregonians who have suffered terrible losses because of the current wildfires. We had already been living with great challenges. Now an unprecedented number of communities in Oregon and neighboring states face fear and devastation beyond anything we ever imagined. We are grateful to the firefighters battling the blazes and all those supporting the victims and evacuees. To help, please visit the Red Cross website https://www.redcross.org/. And please stay safe.

The Impact of Oregon Fires

We are saddened by the effects of the Columbia Gorge fires and other Oregon wildfires on our environment and on Oregonians. Our hearts go out to those who have had their lives disrupted; have lost property, cherished places or animals; or have experienced the fear and anxiety caused by these disasters. We also want to express our gratitude to the firefighters, rescuers and government employees who are working to contain the fires and protect people and property.

If you also are concerned about the economic impact of these fires, you may be interested in this post on the impact of natural disasters from the Oregon Office of Economic Analysis.

Updates about the Eagle Creek and other fires are posted regularly here by a federal inter-agency incident information system.

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