May 21, 2019 Special Election

Voters elect candidates from all the zones in the local school districts that serve their area. Multnomah ESD and Community College candidates are elected by zone.

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When you enter your address on, you can find information about all the candidates that will be on your ballot.

Click here to read a PDF online version of the LWV of Portland Voters’ Guide to Multnomah County Candidates. Printed copies of this guide are available at Multnomah County public libraries and at the Multnomah County Elections Office. The Voters’ Guide has answers to questions from candidates running for all school boards in Multnomah County.

Click below to view the recording of the School Board Forum for candidates running for the Portland Public Schools (PPS) Board.

The candidates are divided into two panels.

Panel 1: Robert Schultz – Zone 7, Wes Soderback – Zone 3, Amy Kohnstamm – Zone 3, Deb Mayer – Zone 3. Listen to these candidates’ statements and answers from 8:47 to 57:40.

Panel 2: Andrew J. Scott – Zone 1, Michelle A. DePass – Zone 2, Shanice Brittany Clarke – Zone 2. Listen to these candidates’ statements and answers from 59:58 to 1:38:07.

This is a vote-by-mail election

Ballots were mailed to registered voters on May 1 and should be returned to the Elections Office by 8 pm on Tuesday, May 21. (Postmarks do not count, so be sure to mail your ballot on or before Thursday May 16, or drop it off in the ballot box at your public library or at another official drop off site.