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Before each election, the League prepares an independent, nonpartisan Voters’ Guide to give voters reliable information about candidates and ballot measures. League members ask the candidates substantive questions and print their complete responses in the guide. We also publish videos of individual interviews with candidates. League members also research the ballot measures by reviewing extensive information about each measure and interviewing the organizations in support and opposition. Then the League researchers write independent explanations and pros and cons.


For the January 2018 Special Election on the Measure 101, the Health Care Assessment, the League of Women Voters of Oregon (LWVOR) has prepared a Voters’ Guide explaining the background of the measure and the reasons given by the supporter and opponents for voting “yes” or “no.” You can read that guide by clicking Measure 101 LWV Voters’ Guide.

You can also find more information about Ballot Measure 101 on the LWVOR VOTEResources web page.

Click on the links below to see electronic Voters’ Guides from earlier elections. A limited number of paper copies are available at Multnomah County library branches and the Multnomah County Election Office.

Past Voters’ Guides:

Personalized Guides

The League can create a custom guide for you! Go to Vote 411 and enter your residence address to see a Voters’ Guide with information for only those candidates and items on your ballot.


How to Judge a Candidate

How to judge a candidate

Electronic Voters’ Guides are available on the front page of this web site when published. A limited number of paper copies are available at Multnomah County library branches and the Multnomah County Election Office.

Speakers Bureau

Volunteers in our Speakers Bureau are trained to share well-researched, nonpartisan information.

To book a speaker contact us at

Our speakers can address:

  • Voter registration and the mechanics of voting. Our speakers can help your audience register (or update their registrations) on the spot.
  • Importance of voting and civic participation.
  • Activities and history of the League of Women Voters.
  • Local and state ballot measures (during election season). League speakers are trained to share balanced information that will help voters make informed choices on their ballots. Our presentations provide background information and discuss both pros and cons for each measure. For the November 2008 election, our volunteers spoke to over 950 people at 40 speaking engagements.
  • Any topic that the league has studied or taken a position on (see our web page “Where We Stand” under the Advocate tab above)

To schedule a League speaker for your group, please contact our office at 503-228-1675 or Helpful details to provide when you contact us include:

  • Your Name, Phone Number, Email
  • Organization/Group name (and Website if you have one)
  • Proposed date, time, and location
  • Size of group (and any other notes about the potential audience you would like to provide.)
  • Topic(s) of interest

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