Public Post-Secondary Education in Oregon

Post-secondary Education Study Update 2016

In 2013, League of Women Voters of Oregon members voted at convention to study and update their state position on higher education. The scope of the study was to include review of our Public Post-secondary Education position, examining the role of the state and its public educational institutions in meeting the goals and challenges of post-secondary education in the 21st century. Downloadable study files at the links below.

Public Post-Secondary Education in Oregon: A Time of Change Study Update (PDF, 54 pages)

Executive Summary (PDF, 4 pages)

Consensus Questions for Local Leagues (PDF 7 pages)

Links to Recent Articles Related to the Study (PDF 1 page)

Immigration Statement from the League

Washington, DC – The League of Women Voters president, Chris Carson, issued the following statement in response to President Trump’s immigration ban:

“The League of Women Voters is opposed to deportation of non-criminal undocumented immigrants. 

The League supports cities, towns, counties and states that make a decision not to cooperate with federal deportation and enforcement actions that include non-criminal undocumented immigrants.  Moreover, the Trump Administration’s orders are of dubious legality.  

It is simply wrong, and a perversion of the American system of justice, for the Executive Branch to refuse to obey federal court orders.  

The LWV is opposed to discrimination, including discrimination in immigration, based on religion.  The Trump Administration’s orders appear to be targeted at Muslims and immigrants from majority-Muslims nations.”

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